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UWA Internet Usage Policy

UWA has adopted the "Acceptable Use Policy" from the Alabama Supercomputer Authority, which is a statewide policy for all users of the Alabama Supercomputer Network.

Many services on the Internet are free of charge, others are not. All fees, charges or debts related to your access or use of the Internet are your sole responsibility. The University of West Alabama does not accept responsibility for any fees, charges or debts incurred by you through the use of your UWA Internet account.

It is very important that you protect your account from unauthorized access. Keep personal access codes and passwords in a secure place. Also, there are resources on the network that require additional individualized authorization for access. Although you have general access to the network, you will or may not have access to all network resources.

Individuals who access the network and/or restricted resources without authorization expose themselves to criminal and/or civil proceedings. The bottom line is: Protect your access to the network and do not violate access restrictions on Internet resources.