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Please read over our frequently asked questions below. If you still have additional questions, please fill out a Helpdesk ticket at or call us at 205-652-3565, option 2.

Is DUO mandatory?

DUO is mandatory for all faculty, staff and retired employees. We are currently investigating the use of DUO for students.

What is Autopush?

We recommend leaving Autopush or Autocall disabled. Instead, we recommend using the "Remember me" option. If you are unable to use the "Remember me" option, make sure Autopush or Autocall is disabled. If you've previously enabled Autopush or Autocall, and you want to remove it, you must deactivate and reactivate your device with DUO.

What are passcodes?

If you choose not to use DUO Mobile push notifications, passcodes can be used as your second verification method.

  • Passcodes from the DUO Mobile app - If you have DUO Mobile installed, tap the UWA logo to retrieve your password.
  • Passcodes from the Office of Information Technology - If you don't have your device, you may call the Office of Information Technology at 205-652-3565 to have a one-time passcode generated for you.

What does "Remember this device for 30 days" mean?

Activating this setting will allow you to bypass DUO for the next 30 days. However, this only works if you are logging in from the same computer, IP address and browser. You will still be prompted for your username/password, but DUO will not be required during the 30 days. This feature is useful for computers you use on a regular basis.

What applications are using DUO?

The following applications currently require DUO authentication:

  • Office 365, including email
  • Self-Service
  • Helpdesk
  • Adirondack (Housing and University Police)
  • KUMO (used in labs to connect to OneDrive)
  • Maxient
  • Dropbox for Business
  • UWA Alerts

More applications will be added soon!

What if I get a notification that someone is trying to sign into my account and it is not me?

With DUO Push, hit the red X to deny access the your account and change your UWA password immediately at

What if I get a new device?

If your phone number is the same, log into then choose the "Call my Phone" option. Then click on replace your existing phone or tablet with a new device. Choose your device from the list, and then following the instructions to activate DUO Mobile on your new device.

If you phone number is NOT the same,