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Visual Arts Program

Are you looking for an outlet for your creativity? 

Do you wish to learn to be more creative?   

Maybe you wish to be a creator instead of a consumer in the modern economy?   

Social media has changed the way we interact and communicate with one another.  We live in a visual world.  Images are the preferred mode of communication in our society.  Art is about visual communication.  Communicating to others through visual means.   

Anyone can learn to draw, paint, or sculpt.  You may not think that is true, but it is just a technique.  It takes dedication, practice and consistent training, but it can be learned.  Technique is only the beginning of the artistic process.  Technique is meaningless if you have nothing to say.  Learn to express yourself in a meaningful fashion.  Make your dreams a reality. 

Consider a minor in visual art or animation.   

We offer classes in the following mediums: 

• Drawing 

• Painting 

• Ceramics 

• 2D Digital Animation  

• 3D Digital Animation 

• Digital Video 

Express yourself!