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Management Major Agribusiness Emphasis

Find yourself at the intersection of business and agriculture. If you are seeking a career in agriculture and its related industries, this is the degree for you. The College of Business and Technology has established a cooperative program with Auburn University that enables you to attend The University of West Alabama for three academic years and then transfer to the Auburn University College of Agriculture for specialized agribusiness course work. Once all requirements are met at both institutions, you will be ready to work in a variety of roles including, farm and land appraiser, market analyst or farm quality control manager.


  • Management

  • Business Finance

  • Intermediate Economics

  • Agricultural Marketing

  • Resource Economics

  • Agricultural Trade

  • Agricultural Prices

  • Agricultural Seminar

  • Agricultural Policy

  • Agricultural Business Management

  • Agricultural Law

  • Agricultural Finance

  • Fine Arts


Career Preparation

  • Farm appraiser Assessing the value of a farm, its employees and facilities

  • Agricultural policy analyst Develops and analyzes policies that affect agricultural businesses

  • Farm manager Manages daily operations of a farm, including crops and livestock

  • Crop producer Grows grains, field crops, vegetables, fruits, nuts and more

  • Grain and livestock buyer Buys supplies of grains, seeds and cattle for a farm's operations

  • Market analyst Analyzes the financial condition of the agribusiness economic market

  • Financer Provides financial assistance for agribusiness, such as matching crop suppliers with farms

  • Quality controller Focuses on improving the output and quality of a farm's production

  • Marketing head Leads marketing strategy for a farm, builds awareness and buzz


Contact Information

Dr. Aliquippa Allen