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Students walking by Wallace HallBusiness Administration and Forestry Dual Degree

To serve the needs of students who desire to pursue careers in the forestry and wood products industries, the College of Business and Technology has established a cooperative program with Auburn University that allows students to attend UWA for three academic years and then transfer to AU School of Forestry for two years. After successfully completing the academic requirements of the cooperating institutions, students will receive a BBA from UWA and a BS in forestry from Auburn University.

Extra-curricular activities

  • Forestry Curriculum

  • Forestry, Engineering

  • Forestry, Products

  • Entomology

  • Agronomy

  • Strategic Management

  • Forest Resources Concentration

  • Philosophy

  • Sociology or Psychology

  • Free elective

Career Preparation

  • Conservation and Resource Management. A degree in forestry can often lead to a career in conservation.

  • Forest Rangers. Jobs as rangers and park interpreters on state and federal forest lands are a traditional career path for graduates with degrees in forestry.

  • Forestry Science.

  • Procurement Agents.

  • Urban Foresters

Contact Information

 Dr. Aliquippa Allen