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IMC Students

Integrated Marketing Communications Major

What is IMC?

Calling all creatives! Whether you're interested in advertising, video production, graphic design or publishing, our Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) major has it all. In this program, you will learn every facet of communications, as creating multimedia campaigns with the latest software programs and equipment will be a daily part of your education. By the time you complete the program, you will have developed a final portfolio that you will use to secure a career in fields ranging from public relations to journalism to marketing, media planning, and business communications. In addition to the traditional IMC curriculum, you may also major in the IMC Sports Communications Track or the IMC Graphic Design Track.

IMC students will major in one of the following tracks:

  1. Traditional Track: Select from upper-level communications, marketing, and behavioral science courses to prepare you for communications research.
  2. Graphic Design Track: Students complete advanced courses in graphic design, photography, and media buying.
  3. Sports Communications Track: Students complete advanced courses in sports writing, sports magazine, and sports issues in the media. Additionally, students complete a sports internship.


The IMC curriculum is interdisciplinary, covering a wide range of communications, business and creative interests including

  • Graphic Design

  • Video Production

  • Photography

  • Event Planning

  • Advertising

  • Broadcasting

  • Website Design

  • Multimedia Writing

  • Public Relations

  • Marketing

  • Publishing

  • Newspaper


Awards at the Southeast Journalism Conference

Since its inception in 2012, the IMC program at UWA has consistently ranked highly among other communications programs in the southeast. Students have placed in several categories at the annual Southeast Journalism Conference (SEJC), including

  • 1st place public relations

  • 1st place multimedia journalism

  • 1st place magazine layout

  • 2nd place TV news program

  • 2nd place TV news reporting

  • 3rd place TV anchoring

  • 2nd place advertising design

  • 2nd place public service journalism



Job Placement and Career Preparation

We know your education is important, and our program ensures that every student gets a full return on his or her investment. The IMC program boasts a 100% job placement rate, and graduates from the program have successfully secured full graduate assistantships at top graduate programs around the world. Students are prepared to work in a variety of careers, including public relations, advertising, journalism, broadcasting, graphic design, website design, photography, marketing, publishing, sports information, multimedia planning, social media marketing, and business communications. 

Alumni Testimonials

Brittany Harris"Thanks to UWA’s IMC Program, I was more than prepared for the workforce post-graduation. I now serve as the Partner Relations Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa. As the PRC, I represent the organization in a variety of public settings to increase awareness and evaluate the needs of the public and local community groups. I develop compelling messages and content to be used in our marketing materials and on our social media platforms. IMC shaped me with the skills needed to advance this organization. Since I have joined the Habitat family, I have developed their very first online application form. I am forever indebted to the IMC program because it helped me develop and strengthen my marketing and communication skills."

- Brittany Harris ('15), Partner Relations Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity of Tuscaloosa

Randa Simpson"The UWA IMC program has helped me land my dream job as the Media Relations Manager of the Florence/Lauderdale Tourism Bureau by not allowing myself to limit my skill set. From media relations, communications, graphics and website design I can do it all and save my business another salary to pay...and that means a bigger paycheck for me. An average day for me involves creating graphics and social media posts, taking photos of local events and attractions, talking with the media to market the area and planning events for conferences our company is hosting. All of these responsibilities are things I have already done before through my IMC courses so coming in as a new employee, I was not timid about jumping right in. For most it is unheard of for a 23 year old to hold a managerial position for a government job, however for the UWA IMC program combined with hard work and determination, I could see it becoming the norm."

- Randa Hovater ('16), Media Relations Manager of the Florence/Lauderdale Tourism Bureau



The IMC major is housed within the College of Liberal Arts. To join the UWA IMC family, contact Dr. Amy Jones at (205) 652-3558.