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UWA Divison of Nursing

UWA Division of Nursing

As a nursing student at UWA, you will be required to meet certain criteria to progress through the UWA Division of Nursing Curriculum.  Faculty will be assigned to mentor you and help you meet your academic goals, as well as help you mature into an accomplished professional.  Progression, reinstatement and readmission requirements are outlined in the UWA Division of Nursing Student Handbook.  Questions about progression, reinstatement or readmission should be discussed with your mentor or adviser. 

Progression in the nursing program may be terminated if the student has falsified information submitted on the application for admission to the University and/or the UWA Division of Nursing. Dismissal for misconduct will be handled according to the Code of Student Conduct as outlined in the UWA Student Handbook and the Progression Policy of the UWA Division of Nursing Student Handbook.

Reinstatement Requirements

In order to be reinstated to the ADN program at the UWA Division of Nursing, students must complete an online Reinstatement Request Form.  This form must be received within 60 days from withdrawal/failure date.  All other reinstatement requirements may be found in the UWA Division of Nursing Student Handbook by following the link above.

Graduation Requirements

Candidates for graduation must have met the progression requirements of the UWA Division of Nursing as well as all UWA graduation requirements as outlined in the UWA Academic Catalog.  In addition, a minimum of one academic year in residence and completion of 28 semester hours of credit in nursing must be earned at UWA.

Nursing Honors and Awards

Nightingale Professionalism Award

Outstanding Student Award

Montag Leadership Award

Elise Pruitt Clinical Achievement Award

University Scholar Award