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Sharon Valverde, Ph. D

Sharon Valverde, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science

Sharon Valverde received her B.S. in Biology from Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee while also working in zoos there and in North Carolina. She then worked in Kruger National Park in South Africa assisting a regional warden with monitoring efforts for elephant vegetation damage, water levels, elephant identification, and more, before moving to New Orleans, Louisiana to work with endangered species care and research and field research in Alberta, Canada on trophic interactions between wolves, elk and aspen. She completed her M.S. in Wildlife Science on moose nutritional ecology in Alaska, led a research crew in coastal Oregon delineating the population range of the Humboldt marten, and helped set up a project tracking mule deer in the Texas panhandle. She began her Ph.D. in Wildlife, Aquatic, and Wildlands Science and Management at Texas Tech University where she studied elk resource selection relative to landscape restoration, cougar and black bear predation risk, and human factors in New Mexico. She joined the faculty at UWA in 2021 where her research program will continue to focus on applied problems in conservation and management of mammals, as well as multi-trophic interactions between predators, prey, and their ecological resources.

Sharon (Smythe) Valverde, Ph.D

                Prior to joining the faculty at UWA, she taught or co-taught courses in Field Sampling Techniques, Mammalogy, Big Game Management, Wildlife Conservation and Management, and Principles of Wildlife Management. Her courses at UWA include EN 100 Introduction to Environmental Sciences and EN/BY 308 Seminar in Environmental Sciences/Biology.


  • Ph.D-Wildlife, Aquatic, and Wildlands Science and Management Texas Tech University 2021
  • MS-Wildlife Science Oregon State University 2015
  • BS- Biology Bryan College 2011
  • Recent Publications

  • Smythe, Sharon E., Dana Sanchez, and Clinton Epps. 2019. Contrasting Moose Nutritional Carrying Capacity Models on a Dynamic Landscape. Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management 10.1: 163-179. Publication 2019
  • Moriarty, Katie, John D. Bailey, and Sharon E. Smythe. 2016. Distribution of Pacific Marten in Coastal Oregon. Northwestern Naturalist 97:71-81. Publication 2016
  • Smythe, Sharon E., Dana Sanchez, and Ricardo Mata-Gonzalez. 2015. Immediate and Continuing Effects of Mechanical Treatment on Winter Moose Browse. Alces 51: 129-141. Publication 2015