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Every peer tutor in the Writing Center has been extensively trained in tutoring practices by the Director of the Writing Center and receives ongoing training throughout the academic year.


Keondra Caves

Hi! My name is Keondra Caves, and I am a Junior at the University of West Alabama. I am currently an English major, and I chose this school because of the “family” environment that it provides. This community is no different than my hometown (Grove Hill), so I feel comfortable and welcomed in this space. I chose the English major because it provides critical skills that are needed in the workplace and most importantly, in life. Having the ability of strong written and verbal skills are a necessity that many people use in order to communicate efficiently. I also chose this major because I truly enjoy reading and writing. I do not have a favorite book, but my favorite author is James Patterson. His writing is spectacular and suspenseful, which makes his novels exciting to read. Starting off in this major was a struggle for me because writing is a skill that must be practiced. I was not as confident in my writing in the beginning, but with time, practice, and help of my professors my writing skills and my confidence improved. Helping my peers improve their writing is a pleasure that I look forward to.


Hannah England

Hey, my name is Hannah, and I am a Junior Accounting major who loves to travel and get to know people. I love Christian Fiction novels the best. They open my eyes to see so many new perspectives of life and who I wanna be. This even helped in my decision for a college to attend. When I was creating requests for the college I wanted to attend, I wanted it to be away from home but not to far away. I wanted it to have small class sizes, and I wanted to be a name and not a number. UWA fulfilled those requests! I wanted to leave home and experience college. I wanted the ability to create my own name for myself, and that is what UWA has allowed me to do. My plan is to graduate in May of 2022, and then I hope to pursue a Master’s Degree in Accounting so that I may be able to sit for the Certified Public Account exam. I hope to find a job as an accountant because I want to be able to help support my future family. I know a person who loves math wants to tutor writing how crazy, but I have been tutoring writing for awhile now. I enjoy helping other people create something out of nothing. My tutoring days began when I was in the tenth grade. I have been tutoring ever since which makes me pretty good at introductions and conclusions. I love to start and end papers which really transfers to anything you write. Personally, I think writing skills are important because people will always need to write. Everyday people, even you, are having to write down something. The importance of writing is that you can communicate and let people know what you are thinking. We do that through texts and emails on a daily basis. You might not have a job that you just sit down and write research papers, but your job will probably require you to communicate through email. With all that being said, I would love to be your tutor! Come join me at the writing center. See you soon!


Jenna Frye

Hi, my name is Jenna Frye! I chose to attend UWA because of the campus’ homey atmosphere and beautiful views. I’m a senior studying English Language Arts with a Teacher Certification. After I graduate, I plan to teach high school English. I would be happy teaching any grade 9th through 12th. Teaching is my passion, and I want to do it forever in some way. I really want to teach in a school system and ministry. My experience in tutoring comes from many of my friends’ essays needing proofreading, pointers, and tips for the best grade. Grabbing the reader’s attention and maintaining interest is my greatest strength in writing. I have always approached tutoring by understanding the writer’s interests and natural tone, then connecting them to the subject matter to increase the desire to write. Writing skills are extremely important for communication in every aspect of life. If you can write well, you can speak well. I believe the world needs people who can communicate effectively through writing and speaking. Enough with world changing views, here’s some fun facts about me. My favorite books are Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter series because it has everything. “All the stories are true.” is a famous line of the series, so if you are a fiction lover, please read them! Lastly, I love turtles, and I have recently learned to longboard. 


Amber Harris

I’m Amber. I’m an English major, minoring in Creative Writing and I’m a rising senior. When I was a senior in high school, I attended a workshop and writing competition at UWA. I noticed how involved and helpful the professors were. The writing lessons were very innovative and creative. Noticing how involved the professors were made me want to pursue an English career at UWA. After I graduate, I plan to pursue a masters degree in editing and publishing. When I grow up, I want to edit and publish novels. I’ve been an English tutor for the past few years. I love learning along the process. I also enjoy tutoring because I love helping and connecting with people that have similar interests as me. When it comes to writing, I think I’m best at writing poetry although I do love grammar and mechanics. Considering tutoring, I think there’s always room to improve in writing skills and literature/comprehension skills! These things are important because they are the key to communication and interpersonal success! I think being plugged into literature is very important for creativity. Like poet Rick Holland says, “The world belongs to those who read.”My favorite book of all time would have to be The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. This is simply the most heartbreaking book I’ve ever experienced. The story told in the book is poetic and eventually heart settling. But the language is very simple and easy to digest. I wish I could write like it! A fun fact about me, I recently taught myself to roller skate!


Fallon Plowman

My name is Fallon Plowman, and I am starting my senior year here at UWA as a Secondary Education English major. As a senior in high school, I knew that I had the desire to be a teacher, so as I searched for a college to attend, my goal was to find an education program that would cater to my needs as a student. I took a campus tour at UWA, and as soon as I began the tour, I knew this was the place for me. This university gives ample opportunity for students to become a part of something on campus, and I have taken advantage of those opportunities and made UWA a home. After graduation, I plan to teach high school English in the black-belt region of Alabama. I have a desire to teach in these low-poverty regions since I am from one, and I feel that I know the needs of these schools and will be able to help the students at these schools prosper.  As a writer, I feel that I am best at knowing the proper “rules” of English. There is nothing more important to life, in my opinion, than knowing the correct way to use a comma. As a tutor, I think it important to not only correct a paper, but to explain corrections to the writer so that he is learning from his mistakes. Choosing an all-time favorite book is extremely difficult for me, but if I have to choose, I would say it is To Kill a Mockingbird. This would be my choice because this is the first book that I thoroughly studied in high school, and it began my love and passion for English and literature.


Joy Richardson

Hi, I’m Joy! I’m a senior English Major at UWA with minors in political science and music. UWA’s honors program and generous scholarship opportunities brought me here, and it took me on an adventure that I never expected. From studying abroad multiple times to joining various organizations, this university has helped me grow as a student. After graduation, I’ll pursue a graduate degree in education policy, where I’ll gain the training needed to work for government and education research institutions. Education has always been a passion of mine, and I want to help other students harness that same passion through promoting literacy and ensuring that they have the tools they need to succeed. More importantly, I want to advocate for the fine arts and humanities (which we all know have gradually dwindled in popularity lately). I’ve been tutoring for roughly two years now, and it’s rewarding to see the growth in my tutees. Often students come to tutoring sessions feeling discouraged, but it’s a joy (no pun intended) to lift their spirits and help them the best way I can. Tutoring has taught me that communication is critical for functioning in any professional setting, and writing is one of the most desirable ways to do this. I don’t think I have any notable strengths as a writer, but I do consider myself decent enough to please the English department every now and then (cue awkward laugh here). One of my favorite books is Orleans by Sherri L. Smith, a post-apocalyptic novel about survival in a world devastated by hurricanes. What can I say? I’m a sucker for dystopian novels. Fun fact: I’ve been to nine different countries and counting.


Emily Seay

My name is Emily Seay (pronounced like “sea” or the letter “C”). My friends call me “Em”, “Emmy”, my family calls me “Nonnie”. However, Em or Emily is fine. I am a senior currently, majoring in Business Administration (management and marketing). I actually came to UWA on a whim. They waived my application fee, gave me scholarships, and they had everything I wanted for the lowest price. I am studying for my real estate license currently, I have worked in vacation rental management and hope to continue working in property management and real estate in North Florida (where I’m from). My mother is an English teacher and I have experience helping her students with writing, I also took college English in high school so I was able to help my peers with writing essays. I definitely am a fan of creative writing and do well with poems ect., but I can structure essays pretty well. My mother never let me get away with putting a counterclaim where it doesn’t belong. I really like to relate to people and help them more with finding study tools than preaching content. I may or may not have all the answers, but I’d rather help students find helpful resources. I believe writing skills are important because they help communication skills. Once I became a better writer I communicated better, and my relationships significantly improved at work and life in general. I think it even made me more confident. My favorite book of all time is “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. This book showed coming of age in a different way than I had ever seen, yet I related to each character. Finally, something fun/ random is that I also work study in the nursing department, I have 8 siblings, I’m from Florida, and I love thrifting! I look forward to tutoring this year! 


Stella Smith

My name is Stella Smith I am a history major entering my fourth year at the University of West Alabama. I come from a small town and I like how close the University is to my home and how welcoming it is. I had narrowed my choices down to the Marine Corps or the “U” and I figured UWA might be a little more relaxed. Then there is the thing about no one is shooting at me if I go to college. There’s also that. I have always loved history and aviation and hope to obtain a position in an aviation museum. My favorite book of all time is Open Cockpit. I have multiple hobbies but by far my favorite is flying. I enjoy helping people improve their writing assignments; it is rewarding to take good ideas and make them sound great by adjusting someone’s grammar usage and organization. The order in which ideas are presented can make or break a paper. Disorganized papers can quickly lose the readers’ interest. Bad organization can do stuff too (see how it works?). It is important to help other students become better writers. If I do a good job as a tutor then my students should not have to come back. Good writing is required to graduate from college but it is essential to keep a job, even in the Marines.


Megan Tidmore

My name is Megan Tidmore, and I am a junior at UWA. I am a 3 in 1 Education major which means I am majoring in Elementary, Early Childhood, and Special Education. I chose to attend UWA because of the small-town atmosphere and the class sizes. The professors at UWA truly care about their student’s success, and my professors have played a huge part in my success so far. After graduating I hope to return to my hometown in Arab, Alabama to serve as an Elementary school math and science teacher. I also hope to join the coaching staff for the softball program at Arab where I played. I have been a college tutor for a year now. I have tutored Biology I and II, English I and II, American Literature I and II, General Psychology, American History I and II, and Math for Elementary Teachers I, II, and III. I was not a strong writer before I came to UWA. I had Dr. Threatt for English I and II, and I was very open with Dr. Threatt about my writing struggles. I would go to Dr. Threatt’s office hours for help, and she was always willing to review my work. Dr. Threatt is the reason I am more confident in my writing abilities. So, I encourage every student to reach out to their professors and ask for extra help. I have learned as a tutor that it is better to approach tutoring as a friendly study session, so my tutees will always feel in control of their learning environment. I never needed a tutor in high school, but once I got to college that changed. At first, I was ashamed to ask for a tutor, but my biology tutor was a blessing that I never saw coming. My tutor helped me in so many ways that I never thought were possible, and I owe part of my success to my tutor. Writing skills are an essential part of success, and these skills are used every single day. There are many professors at UWA who will not respond to emails that are not professionally written. So, it is very important to develop fine writing skills. It is also imperative to have strong reading skills because there will be many times that instructions for an assignment are sent via email, and you do not want to miss any of the instructions. My favorite book of all time is the Handmaids Tale. I read this book for a project in AP Literature, and I was very intrigued with the drama aspects of the novel. I hope that every student at UWA is successful, and I look forward to meeting students through tutoring! I am here for YOU!!