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Writing Center Services

The UWA Writing Center offers a wide range of services, in order to accommodate all of our students’ individual needs and preferences. We understand that many of our students have families, jobs, and unique schedules, and so our center was recently redesigned with both those considerations and the COVID-19 pandemic in mind.  

The Writing Center offers the following services:

  • In-person, face-to-face peer tutoring in the UWA Writing Center (during regular business hours
  • In-person, face-to face peer tutoring at other on-campus locations (after regular business hours)
  • Virtual, face-to-face tutoring during all available hours (via Zoom/Accudemia)
  • Synchronous virtual tutoring (face to face or via chat)
  • Asynchronous virtual tutoring (via email)
  • Written English Proficiency program testing and tutoring
  • Sessions by appointment AND walk-in sessions (contingent upon tutor availability)
  • Multiple ways to schedule appointments, including through our webpage
  • Other services as specified and developed

Importantly, we are not an editing service; instead, our tutors work with students to improve their writing and communication skills – in any discipline and field – and each tutoring session will be individualized based on the information the student provides when scheduling an appointment.