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Juley Rutherford

Juley Rutherford

In House Admissions Counselor/Office Manager

With living in Livingston, AL majority of my life, I always knew that Livingston University (UWA) is where I wanted to attend college. During my college years, I was active on campus in many organizations and honor societies including being a member of the founding student group of Students of Free Enterprise (SIFE), now called ENACTUS. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science degree with a Management emphasis through the College of Business and began using my degree right away in the work world through various management rolls including Personnel Management and Motel Management. I settled into the role of Office Manager at a well-known insurance agency in Livingston for many years after those positions, but the idea of returning back to UWA to give back to the school some of what it gave me was always there. The idea became a reality at the beginning of 2017 when I was offered and accepted the position of In-House Counselor/Office Manager in the Office of Admissions. I am excited to be back at UWA as an employee now and am settling in to the UWA family once again. I look forward to continuing to work with prospective students and sharing with them about what a GREAT place UWA can be for them!

Favorite Place on Campus: 

My favorite place on campus is “the loop”! I have so many fun memories of walking “the loop” with friends at all hours of the day and night during my college years.

Favorite UWA Tradition: 
The tradition of visiting The Covered Bridge here on campus, walking through it that first time and getting my picture made there stands out as a favorite to me. Learning the story behind the bridge along with its creaking, popping and shaking as you walk through, makes it an exciting and sometimes scary event for new students.

What do you love most about UWA: 
I love the history of UWA. With the school being founded in 1835, it has proven itself through the tests of time and change and continues to grow and prosper. I would love to hear the stories “if the walls could talk”! 

Piece of advice for Prospective Students: 
My advice to prospective students is for them to try to find a good variety, yet balance, in all the activities in which they participate while here in school, but always put academics first. This will help them become a more well-rounded adult when they enter the work force.