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Heather McDonald, Ph.D

Heather McDonald, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Heather McDonald joined the University of West Alabama in the Fall of 2009 after completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where her research focused on studying proteins that play a role in the development of osteoporosis. Since coming to the University of West Alabama,

Heather McDonald, Ph.D

Dr. McDonald has continued her research involving crystallizing protein complexes for X-ray diffraction analysis and studying protein-protein interactions using self-interaction chromatography and light scattering techniques. 


  • Postdoc- Metabolic Bone Disease University of Alabama at Birmingham 2009
  • Postdoc- Biophysical Sciences and Engineering University of Alabama at Birmingham 2006
  • Ph.D- Physical Chemistry Mississippi State University Department of Chemistry 2002
  • Graduate Intern NASA’s Glenn Research Center 1999
  • BS- Chemistry Mississippi College 1993
  • Recent Publications

  • McDonald, H.M., Macon, K., Johnson, D., McCombs, D., Teale, M., Wall, S.B., Wilson, W.W., DeLucas, L. J. Self-interaction chromatography and human osteoprotegrin. Journal of the Alabama Academy of Sciences, 2015, Vol. 86 No.1: 1-14. Publication 2015
  • McDonald, H.M., Pruett, P.S., Deivanayagam, C., Protasevich, I., Carson, M., DeLucas, L.J., Brouillette, W., Brouillette, C. Structural adaptation of an interacting non-native C-terminal helical extension revealed in the crystal structure of NAD+ syntheta Publication 2007
  • Carson, M., Johnson, D., McDonald, H., Brouillette, C., and DeLucas, L. His-tag impact on structure. Acta. Cryst. (2007) D63: 295-301. Publication 2007
  • Demoruelle, K., Guo, B., Kao, S., McDonald, H., Nikic, D., Holman, S. and Wilson, W. (2002) Correlation of the Second Virial Coefficient and Solubility for Equine Serum Albumin and Ovalbumin. Acta. Cryst. D, 58, 1544-1548. Publication 2002
  • Asanov, A., McDonald, H., Oldham, P., Jedrzejas, M. and Wilson, W. Intrinsic Fluorescence as a Potential Rapid Scoring Tool for Protein Crystals. (2001) J. Cryst. Growth, 232, 603-609. Publication 2001
  • Guo, B., Kao, S., McDonald, H., Asanov, A., Combs, L. and Wilson, W. Correlation of Second Virial Coefficients and Solubilities Useful in Protein Crystal Growth. (1999) J. Cryst. Growth, 196, 424-433. Publication 1999