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Contact List

In the event of a campus emergency: 

To report a campus emergency, call UWA Police at 205-652-5555 or 911. 


Emergency 911
University Police 205-652-5555
Livingston Police 205-652-9525
Sumter County Sheriff 205-652-7984 or 205-652-2841
York Police 205-392-5261
Livingston Fire Department 205-652-9777
Livingston Ambulance 205-652-9525
York Ambulance 205-392-4138
Alabama Poison Control Center 800-462-0800 or 205-345-0600
Alabama State Troopers 205-553-5531
Alabama State Police 334-289-0102
UWA Fitness Center 205-652-6557

Make sure you state the nature of the emergency, location (building and room number), name, phone number, and any other pertinent information.

Calling 911 from a cell phone reaches the neighboring public safety center whose jurisdiction includes the cell tower that received the call. Depending on the nature of the call (fire, medical, and law enforcement), on-campus incidents will be transferred to the appropriate agency, including The University of West Alabama Police Department (UWAPD).

Dialing 911 from a campus phone, however, connects directly to UWAPD.