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1. Breathe

     a.  Box Breathing for 2 Minutes

     b. Do Nothing for 10 Minutes

     c. Guided Breathing Meditation

     d. Practice 2:1 Breathing

2.  Get Active

     a. Take a fitness class or lift some weights at the UWA Fitness Center

     b. Go for a walk at the Lake LU Nature Trails

     c. Walk the Loop

     d. Play pick-up basketball at Hughes Gym during open rec hours

     e. Go for a swim at the UWA Fitness Center

     f. Borrow some tennis or disc golf equipment from the UWA Fitness Center and play with friends

     g. Dance to your favorite hype playlist

3. Connect With Others

     a. Pick something to do from the UWA Student Activities Calendar (scroll down to find calendar)

     b. Invite someone to do something with you that you like doing

     c. Join a UWA student organization

     d. Sign up for a UWA Intramural team (you can let them match you with a team)

     e. Invite someone to go game with you at the UWA Fitness Center Games Room (check out a game console at the front desk)

     f. Sign up for Discord and join a group you are interested in

     g. Invite some classmates to a group study session

4. Get Creative

     a. Start a journaling practice

     b. Spend 15-minutes drawing something

     c. Complete a coloring design if drawing feels too intimidating

     d. Take a creative writing break. Here are some prompts to get you going

     e. Dance to your favorite mellow playlist for 15 minutes

     f. Do a favorite hobby for 30 minutes, or start a hobby you've been meaning to try.

5. Mindfulness Moments

     a. Eat your next meal mindfully

     b. Do a 54321 grounding exercise

     c. Draw Your Hand grounding exercise

     d. Do a 15-minute guided body scan meditation

     e. Download the Healthy Minds app (or another mindfulness app). Apple/Android Do a 5-minute (or more!) meditation. 

6. Start a Gratefulness Practice

     a. Complete a 15-minute gratefulness meditation

     b. Practice the Four-As

     c. Pick one thing off this list to do

     d. Start using a gratefulness app. Here's a suggestion but there are lots of apps you can try: Apple/Android

     e. Start a gratitude box