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UWA Cheerleading FAQ's

How many cheerleading squads does UWA have?

UWA will have one small coed team.

How many cheerleaders are on the squad? 

The number of cheerleaders on the squad is determined by the Head coach. (16-20 members)   

Can high school seniors and/or transfer students tryout? 

Yes, but you must be accepted to UWA.   

Are there specific forms that you need for tryouts? 

Yes, all appropriate forms can be found in the tryouts section on the website.  There is a $20.00 non-refundable tryout fee. 

Are tryouts open to the public? 

NO,  tryouts will be closed to the public. 

Are there scholarships available? 

Yes, but there are a limited number available.  You can receive a scholarship per semester. Not all chosen to be on the team are awarded a scholarship.  Scholarships are awarded at the discrepancy of the head coach. 

Are there any academic requirements? 

Everyone on the squad must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 to remain on the team.  

To tryout for the team, you must have cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher and be accepted to UWA.  If you are conditionally accepted, you can make the team but must be unconditionally accepted by the end of the summer to participate with the team.  

Where are tryouts? 

Tryouts are held on campus in Hughes Gym.  

What skills are required? 

Standing Skills 

  • Back hand spring 

  • Best standing pass (standing tuck) – preferred  


Running Skills 

  • Best running pass (BHS, tuck, layout, full) – preferred 



All-Girl Flyers: 

  1. Quick toss platform 

  1. 3 body positions on one leg 

  1. Full down (cradle) from one leg 

  1. Elite stunt with a release (switch up or Tic-toc) or a full up to the top 


All Girl Bases: 

  1. Quick toss platform 

  1. Hold a one leg stunt with a full down cradle 

  1. Elite stunt with a release (switch up or Tic-toc) or a full up to the top 

Is there a height or weight limit?  

No, however appropriate appearance and build is important to the safety of the person. 

How is the squad selected? 

The squad is selected based on the requirements and ability to represent UWA.  This is done by the head coach, athletic administration. 

What are practice days and times? 

Practice can be up to 3 days per week.  Practice and times are determined by the coach.   

Are there practices during the summer? 

Yes, there will be some mandatory practices in the months of May-July. 

Do you attend a summer camp? 

Yes, there is a mandatory summer camp.   

What expenses are involved? 

The Cheerleading program is responsible for all travel and practice clothes.

Gear fee of $125


Can I work and cheer? 

Yes, but it must be a flexible employer as team commitment is a priority.   

Can I be involved with a fraternity or sorority? 

Yes, but team commitment is a priority.   

Which sports do UWA cheerleaders cheer for? 

  • Football
  • Men's Basketball
  • Women's Basketball
  • Volleyball 

Does the team travel? 

Yes, there is a travel team that will cheer at selected away football games and the GSC men & women’s conference basketball tournament plus any post season play.  

Are there community events that UWA cheerleaders are involved in? 

Yes, there are many appearances throughout the year that the cheerleaders are required to attend.   

Is the UWA cheerleading program competitive? 

Currently, we are only a Game Day program .

What rules apply to mascot tryouts? 

All academic rules and tryout rules above apply to mascot tryouts.  Tryout day mascots will tryout after cheerleader tryouts are complete.  You must come with a 1:00 minute routine including props, music and anything else you may need.  Mascot tryouts are performed in front of all cheerleading tryout participants.  Height minimum applies.