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SIGI 3® software for the Web
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Sigi 3, a computerized career planning and guidance program, is available free of charge for UWA students and is available via internet with a UWA ID & Password. Sigi 3 can assist you in choosing a major by helping you look at a variety of work-related values and activities and choosing which ones fit you. Sigi 3 includes updated information on hundreds of careers. The search feature in Sigi 3 also allows you to search for careers by major or by other features which you select. Students nearing completion of a degree may find the Information section in Sigi 3 helpful for information on salary, job outlook, and links to further information on your career choice. Students are encouraged to print out summaries of information they learn about themselves and occupations and schedule an appointment with a counselor in Career Services for assistance with test interpretation and further information. 


Much research has gone into this personality inventory, which helps us to gain some understanding of our own behavior, our strengths and weaknesses, and the behavior of others. The test consisting of 70 (a or b answer) questions identifies 16 personality types. Four pairs of preferences in the way we approach life can be identified:

  • Extraversion vs Introversion

  • Intuition vs Sensation

  • Thinking vs Feeling

  • Judging vs Perceiving

Thirty minute appointments are scheduled for students wishing to take the test. Students will immediately receive a printout of information on your “type” upon completing the test. Call Career Services or Counseling Services at (205) 652-3651 for an appointment.