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Disability Grievance and Appeals Proceedure

Appealing Accommodations determined by ADA Services:

Any student who disagrees with the academic accommodation(s) or other services that have been determined should contact the Director of Student Advocacy and Parent Support. The student should express his/her concerns (in writing) and be prepared to offer alternative solutions. If, after consulting with the director, the student is still not satisfied with the proposed accommodation(s) or the provision of accommodation(s), the student can request a review of the decision conducted by the Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. After the review, the Vice President will render a decision to finalize the appeal process.

Office of Student Advocacy & Parent Support

Brock hall 129
UWA Station 56
Livingston, AL 35470
(205) 652-3581

Will Atkinson
Director of Student Advocacy & Parent Support 

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Disability Grievance and Appeals Procedure



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