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Scholarships for Out-of-State Students

Out-of-state students receiving any of the below awards will be charged at the in-state tuition rate for as long as they remain eligible.

Trustee Scholarships*

Awarded on the basis of intellectual ability as demonstrated by ACT score and high school GPA of 3.0 or higher, as follows:        

  • Trustee Award (21-22 ACT/ 1060-1120 SAT), $2,000 per year

  • Trustee Honors Award I (23-24 ACT/1130-1190 SAT), $3,000 per year

  • Trustee Honors Award II (25-26 ACT/ 1200-1250 SAT), $4,000 per year

  • Trustee Honors Award III (27-28 ACT/ 1260-1320 SAT), $5,000 per year

  • Trustee Honors Award IV (29-30 ACT/ 1330-1390 SAT), $7,000 per year

  • Trustee Excellence Award (31-32 ACT/ 1390-1440 SAT), $10,000 per year

  • Trustee Superior Award (33-36 ACT/ 1450-1600 SAT), $12,000 per year

  • Trustee Valedictorian and Salutatorian Awards to students recognized as one of the top two students in their graduating class.

Trustee Leadership Awards

These awards are available to entering freshmen (or transfer students with less than 24 credit hours) demonstrating outstanding leadership ability as demonstrated through high school, community, or religious activities. Students must meet unconditional admissions standards (19 or higher ACT/ 990 SAT and a 2.0+ GPA). On-campus residency is required for the first two years at UWA for recipients. Must submit online UWA Scholarship Application as detailed above, including guidance counselor contact information. Awards vary, up to $2,500 per year. Activities that warrant consideration include:

  • SGA President, Senior Class President, or Club President

  • Other SGA, Class, or Club Officer position

  • Recognition in the Hugh O’Bryan Youth Scholarship (HOBY) program

  • Participation as a Distinguished Young Woman

  • Election as your school’s Boys or Girls State representative

  • Participation in the Youth Leadership Development Program

Athletics Scholarships

Awarded on the basis of athletic ability as demonstrated by having received a scholarship to participate on a UWA Gulf South Conference sports team or the rodeo team.

Fine Arts Scholarships

Awarded on the basis of demonstration of musical or theatrical talent as demonstrated by having received a scholarship to be a member of the UWA Scarlet Band from Tiger Land, the UWA Choir, or UWA Theatre productions.

Note:  In-state tuition rates for non-Alabama resident students receiving the above scholarship awards do not apply for international students.