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Guidelines for Maintaining F-1 Student Visa Status

Please remember that it is your responsibility to maintain you F-1 status while attending UWA. The International Programs office will provide you reminders about how to maintain your status but please remember that ultimately; it is your responsibility alone to maintain lawful F-1 student status. You will be considered to be “out of status” if you do not fulfill the conditions of your F-1 visa.

Undergraduate Students:  

As an undergraduate, you must maintain 12 credit hours every fall and spring semester with no less than 9 of the 12 credits on campus courses. You also have to make normal progress toward your degree. (Three classes on campus and only one online course.)        

Graduate Students:  

As a graduate student, you have to maintain 6 credit hours every fall and spring semester, with no less than 6 of the 3 credits on campus courses. You also have to make normal progress toward your degree.

Dropping classes or not paying on time: 

BEFORE dropping a course that will put you below the required 12 hours, speak to your international advisor.

Attend all classes and pay your fees on time. Drop of classes for failure to pay will be an unauthorized drop below full time.

Unauthorized drop below full time hours will be a termination of your 1-20.

Reporting changes:

Email your international students advisor: Please click this link to see who your specific advisor is.

Report changes in your sources of financial support or change in your program of study to your international advisor.  

Report any changes in your address in the U.S. or in your home country within ten days to your international advisor by emailing your advisor the corrected email.  

Before traveling outside the US, see your international advisor to have your I-20 endorsed for travel. Travel signatures are valid for one year.

Unauthorized employment:

Do not accept off-campus employment without speaking to your international advisor about your different off-campus work options. Working off campus without prior approval can be a termination to your 1-20.

1-20 Extension:

It is your responsibility alone to maintain lawful F-1 student status and this includes extending your 1-20 before it expires. Request an extended I-20 at least 30 days before your current I-20 expires. Please see this link below to know the specifics about extending your I-20. 

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