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Language Proficiency Evaluation Appeal Process (Undergraduate applicants only)

The following appeal process is set forth to allow departments/units to request admission consideration for international students who have met all admission requirements except the English Language Proficiency. Through the appeal process, an international student admit may be elevated to full admission with ESL 101 required. There is no appeal process to achieve full admission without the ESL course.

A department or unit may request a formal review of an English Language admission status for undergraduate student scores of 58 – 60 on the TOEFL-IBT, 490-499 on the TOEFL PBT/ITL, 168-172 on the TOEFL CBT, 5.0 overall with no score less than a 4.5 on any section of the test module on IELTS, 690-699 on the TOIEC, and a Cambridge English Scale score of 150-154 by submitting a written request to the Office of International Programs.

The department/unit requesting the appeal must submit a formal letter of appeal to the International Programs Director clearly defining the reason(s) for requesting the appeal and a plan of academic support demonstrating the commitment of the department to the academic success of the student. Supporting documentation of English Proficiency must also be submitted with the appeals letter. Without this appeals letter, plan, and supporting documentation, an appeal will not be considered.

The complete appeal (letter, plan, and supporting documentation) must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the first day of first term of planned enrollment.

The UWA English Language Proficiency Review Committee will review the appeal. If the committee rejects the appeal, the department/unit will be notified and the admission process will effectively end for the student. If the appeal is pre-approved, the review committee will require the international student to complete the UWA ESL Placement Test in support of the appeal. The student will be contacted and arrangements will be made for the student to take the UWA English Placement test. This test will be administered in compliance with the testing protocol and an average of 75% on each section or higher is required for the committee to grant a successful appeal.

If the appeal is successful, the admission status of the student will be changed to full admission with the appropriate ESL course required in the first term of enrollment.