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Brock HallGet a head start on your college degree.

Imagine arriving on campus with to college credits under your belt. Imagine graduating ahead of schedule and starting your career sooner. It’s all possible when you choose to participate in dual enrollment at UWA. While still in high school, you can be taking courses that count toward both your high school and college graduation requirements. By advancing your education, you will arrive on campus with the confidence and experience needed to succeed in college and beyond.

Making Dual Enrollment work for you.

We offer dual enrollment courses at our Livingston campus and on selected high school campuses. If you take dual enrollment classes on your high school campus or on UWA’s campus, you are also eligible to take dual enrollment courses online, provided your school agrees to offer high school credit for the online course(s). Check with your school counselor to learn all the dual enrollment options available at your school.

The following high schools offer dual enrollment on their campuses:

  • Demopolis High School (English, math, history, speech, theatre)

Note: Available courses are subject to change without notice. Check with your high school counselor to verify campus course offerings.

How Dual Enrollment Courses translate to High School Credit

Campus dual enrollment classes are semester long courses. Therefore, each dual enrollment class replaces one high school class. It is possible to take up to four campus dual enrollment courses in a semester. Please note that students attempting to complete college freshman year basic requirements should make sure to take classes that are required in a college basic curriculum. Otherwise, the courses might only count as electives at the college level. Also, keep in mind that colleges require some courses in sequence.

For example, a college might require two histories in a sequence (e.g. HY 101 History of Western Civilization I and HY 102 History of Western Civilization II) in order to meet the college basic history requirement. In that scenario, taking HY 101 History of Western Civilization I and HY 212 American History I would only count as one history and one elective because these courses are not in a sequence.

Below is an example of the translation college credit to high school credit:

UWA Term


UWA Course


High School Equivalent 

Fall (August - December)


EH 101 Written English I


AP English

Fall (August - December)


HY 211 History of Western Civilization I


AP US History

Spring (January - May)


MH 113 Pre-Calculus Algebra


AP Algebra II

Thomasville High School offers specific Career Tech courses through UWA as follows:

UWA Term


UWA Course


High School Equivalent 

Fall (August - December)


AH 103 Practicum in Athletic Training


Foundations of Sports Medicine/
Sports Medicine Intermediate

Spring (January - May)


AH 231 Athletic Training and Athletic Training Emergency Care Practicum


Sports Medicine Advanced

Applying and Registering for Campus Based Dual Enrollment

Campus-based students will follow the same procedures as online students to apply for Dual Enrollment and to register for classes. You will complete a Dual Enrollment Application and a Course Registration Form. Be sure to review your course selections with your high school counselor to verify course availability. If you would like to speak with a Dual Enrollment counselor, please email

Dual Enrollment Admission Requirements

To be admitted to UWA's Dual Enrollment program, students must:

  • Be a high school junior or senior

  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0

  • Have an composite ACT score of 19 or higher.  Note that some courses have separate ACT score minimums or course prerequisites. Examples of ACT course specific ACT minimums are:

    • English 101 – minimum ACT of 19 on ACT English sub-score

    • Math 113 – minimum ACT of 20 on ACT Math sub-score

  • Attend a high school that has signed a Dual Enrollment Agreement with UWA (if your school is not a participating school, contact UWA and ask a recruiter to contact your principal/counselor)

  • Complete a Dual Enrollment Application and submit it to your school counselor. Attach a copy of your high school transcript and ACT results. 

A complete application will include:

  • Dual Enrollment Application signed by a parent/guardian and school counselor or principal

  • Official copy of high school transcript

  • Official copy of ACT scores (scores might be included on your high school transcript)

  • Dual Enrollment Course Registration Form indicating the courses you want to enroll in for the upcoming term. You will complete this form each semester you participate in Dual Enrollment. 

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