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Brock/Bell courtyard at nightDual Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to register for classes each term once I start Dual Enrollment?

A: You will need to register for Dual Enrollment classes before each high school semester. You can print a registration form here. Turn your completed registration form into your school counselor in time for her/him to send the forms to UWA by the deadline. Your counselor will need to send forms to UWA by June 1 for the upcoming Fall semester and by Dec 1 for the Spring semester. 

Q: What do I do if I do not see my grades posted on Blackboard before it is time for high school report cards?

A: Email your professor to let them know you are in Dual Enrollment and need grades in time for your high school report card. If have any additional concerns, contact your Dual Enrollment representative at de@uwa.edu.

Q:  Can I drop a DE class or swap into a different class?

A:  Students admitted into DE are admitted into a college class so they must follow the same procedures to drop a class as any college student.  Students must drop by the drop date on the UWA Academic Calendar or there will be no refund of tuition. As it nears drop date, the percent refunded decreases. It is important to note that a student cannot simply elect not to pay a bill and assume that drops him/her from DE.  If the student does not go through a drop process, the student will have a college transcript with an F (for not completing the course) which could prevent qualifying for financial aid when the student does go to college in the years to come.

If a student who applied by the deadline and was accepted into the DE program wants to swap from one DE course to another, he/she must make the change before classes start each term. UWA will not process changes after the start of class.

Q: Why dose my account balance on WebAdvisor look too high?

A: Dual Enrollment scholarships do not post until after the deadline for Dual Enrollment class registration. Prior to that point, WebAdvisor and account updates from UWA’s billing department will show the full tuition rate. Check WebAdvisor after the Dual Enrollment registration deadline. Since Dual Enrollment registration is due by June 1 for the upcoming Fall Semester and by Dec 1 for the Spring semester, balances should be updated by the working day following (allowing time for processing).

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