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Dress Code

All students presenting posters are asked to dress professionally or business casual. Professional dress for men comprises a business suit or a blazer, dress pants and a tie, while women wear a business suit or pants suit, or dress and jacket. For business casual dress, men should wear a shirt with a collar and/or a sweater, khakis or dress pants and dress shoes (not athletic shoes), while women wear a moderate length dress or skirt (no miniskirts) with dress shoes. Your clothes should be clean and wrinkle free. While students will not be judged on appearance, compliance with the dress code is expected.

How to Dress Professionally?

Professional Courtesy

URS offers an opportunity for participants to observe, learn, and practice professional etiquette common to all disciplines. Presenters should remain in the room until all presentations in their sessions are complete. The other presentations may offer new insights, and all presenters deserve the same audience and respect. Spectators to sessions should enter and exit oral and performing arts session rooms between (not during) presentations.

How to Write a Strong Abstract

How to write an abstract by Leah Carroll, click here.

How to Create a Poster

Creating Effective Poster Presentations