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The College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, in partnership with the Sumter County Soil and Water Conservation District, Coastal Alabama Community College, and East Mississippi Community College has initiated a USDA-funded project to assist landowners in West Alabama and East Mississippi on a variety of issues affecting conservation and agriculture.  Partners for Agricultural Innovation and Sustainability (PAIS 2.0) follows up on the success of Partners Against Invasive Species (now PAIS 1.0) in the areas of invasive species management, soil quality awareness, forest management, and support of pollinators.  PAIS 2.0 hopes to:

1) Enhance stakeholder awareness

2) Provide physical assistance to landowners through the provision of trained interns

3) Enhance opportunities for students in conservation  programs through hands-on training

4) Continue the development of the West Alabama Center for Conservation and Agricultural as a regional center of expertise

Farmers, ranchers, foresters and other who make their living from the land face an ever-growing suite of challenges.  The PAIS 2.0 team and the staff of WACCA are here to help.

PAIS 2.0 will train our first cohort of student interns in a Summer Intern Camp to be held on the campus of the University of West Alabama from July 25-August 6.  Trainees will receive room and board, as well as a $1500 stipend.  Trained interns will then work in their home area for up to 20 hours per week at $15 per hour.  If you are interested in finding out more about this fantastic opportunity.  Reach out to our campus liaisons:

University of West Alabama  - Dr.  Lee Stanton  -

Coastal Alabama Community College - Schuyler Huff -

East Mississippi Community College - Eric Ford -


If you are a landowner in the region and are interested in taking part in the PAIS program, please start by completing the PAIS Survey.