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Department of Computer Information Systems and Technology

Department of Computer Information Systems and Technology

The Department of Computer Information Systems and Technology (CIST) offers Bachelor’s degrees in three major areas: Computer Information Systems (CIS), Engineering Technology (ET), and Technology. A two-year Associate's degree in Industrial Maintenance (IM) and Automotive Engineering Technology are also available. While the CIS, ET, and IM programs are designed for traditional on-campus students, the BS in Technology is specifically designed for transfer students with significant technical credit from a community college, trade school, or military service and capitalizes on skills already acquired. The BS in Technology is also available completely online. The CIST department also offers certificates in Automotive Technician (Short Certificate) and Welding (Non-Degree Certificate).

Faculty and Staff

Donnie Cobb
Winston Donnie Cobb, Chair
Hunt Building 146A
(205) 652-3704


Bonnie Dial
Bonnie Dial, Secretary to the CIST Faculty
Hunt Building 104
Station 24
(205) 652-3666


Sadie Beck
Hunt Annex 108
(205) 652-3645


Narendra Datta
Hunt Annex 105
(205) 652-3685


Curtis Jones
Curtis Jones
Hunt Annex 106
(205) 652-5451


JD Pruitt
J.D. Pruitt
Hunt Annex 100A
(205) 652-3488


Syed Raza
Hunt Annex 103
(205) 652-3705


Jim Shelton
Jim Shelton 
Wallace Hall 109G
(205) 652-3469