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Award Management

If you have a grant application that has been awarded, please read the instructions below for guidance on how to manage the award.

Key Steps

  1. Once an award letter has been received, make sure that OSPR has a copy for review and signature. Only the Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) may sign grant agreements on behalf of the University.

  2. OSPR will initiate the setup of account from which funds can be spent in alignment with the proposal budget.

  3. The business office will coordinate invoicing and financial reporting to the sponsor as required during the project period. The PI on the project will be responsible for technical reports due during the project period.

  4. If an amendment or extension is needed, OSPR will coordinate the submission of the amendment while working with the PI.

  5. At the end of the project period, final report materials will be submitted by the PI to the sponsor, providing OSPR with a copy so that their grant can be closed out internally. Some reports will need to be submitted through OSPR, refer to the guidelines associated with your award for more details or contact OSPR for more information. 

Post-Award Requirements

The PI, as Project Manager, has four primary responsibilities:

  • Managing the resources of the project

  • Planning and controlling the proposed scope of work 

  • Communicating with individuals and groups about the project

  • Submitting technical/progress reports to the sponsor

Upon receipt of an award transmittal, investigators must become familiar with these award terms and conditions. Any questions about what will be required should be addressed immediately by contacting your OSPR contact. Below are the typical characteristics that apply to the various types of reporting requirements.

Programmatic Reporting and/or Other Deliverables

  • Completion of the project is the responsibility of the PI, or in the absence of the PI, the Key Personnel

  • Reports are normally called technical, narrative, or progress reports. Other deliverables could include software, manuscripts, fabricated equipment, etc.

  • Reports can be required as often as monthly or as infrequently as once during or after the award period

  • If not completed to the sponsor's satisfaction, an inadequate report may give rise to termination, withholding of funds, freezing of sponsored funds to the institution, etc. 

Financial Reporting

  • Grants Accounting has primary responsibility for completion and submission of financial reporting

  • Assistance from the Department/OSPR to reconcile expenses/cost-sharing may be necessary, sometimes via formal amendments to the award

  • Reports may be required quarterly, semi-annually, or annually; invoicing may also be required

Subaward Management

The PI is responsible for monitoring periodic progress reports for compliance with the terms of the award agreement. As a result, the PI is expected to:

  • Maintain good communication with the subrecipient PI

  • Review subrecipient institution's reports and incorporate them into the project's progress reports

  • Review all invoices to ensure that expenses are appropriate and aligned with technical progress. Only the PI can approve payment of subrecipient invoices

Non-compliance with technical reporting requirements or dissatisfaction with level of subrecipient progress should be reported immediately to OSPR. If there are issues with costs and/or work progress, the PI should not sign off on the invoice in question. A revised invoice will be requested from subrecipient or the invoice will be suspended until issues are resolved.

PI Closeout Responsibilities

The following is a checklist of the PI's responsibilities at the time of closeout.

90 Days before Project/Budget End Date:

  • Review report schedule and reporting requirements

  • Ensure subaward recipients have met goals

  • If a no-cost extension will be required, notify OSPR

  • Determine if cost-sharing requirements have been met

At Budget/Project End Date:

  • Review all charges, including salary and benefits

Within 60 Days after Budget/Project End Date:

  • Ensure subaward recipients have met goals, notify OSPR if not

  • Prepare/submit timely final reports including

All financial reports are prepared and submitted by Grants Accounting. Please provide OSPR with copies of all final reports.

Remember: ultimately, the PI is responsible for ensuring that all requirements have been met. Please see the Compliance page for links to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which cover federal awards, as well as internal compliance concerns.


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