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Guidelines for Mass Emails Distributed by the Office of Public Relations 

The Office of Public Relations will distribute mass emails to the campus community for the following purposes:

  • Alert the campus community to an emergency situation on campus

  • Provide information about situations that would substantially alter the normal operation of the University (example: weather-related class delays or closings, and large-scale University-wide events)

  • Provide information relating to academic or campus community life that is important to significant portions of the faculty, staff, administration and students (example: registration and deadlines)


The Office of Public Relations does not distribute through mass emails to the campus community:

  • Public debate or personal opinion

  • Political statements or endorsements

  • Personal items for purchase/rent or sought for purchase/rent

  • Advertisements, announcements or promotions for outside organizations or non-university-related events or interests

  • Lost or found items

  • Attachments (Web addresses for download may be included if applicable.)

  • Fundraisers, raffles, contests or other related items

  • Recruiting content for special interest groups

  • Announcements for special interest groups that may be considered unsolicited SPAM by the greater campus community


Please follow these guidelines for submitting campus announcements to be posted at MyUWA:

Please use the address to request submit a MyUWA announcement, event or program sponsored by organizations approved by the Office of Student Affairs.


Note: Only those announcements that meet the criteria set forth by the Office of Public Relations or Information Technology (UWA Email Policy) will be distributed; those that do not meet the criteria will not be distributed at the discretion of either office.

Revised February 2014