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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Eligible?

While meeting the basic criteria does not guarantee selection, you must meet these criteria to be considered.

  1. Applicants must have a GED or High School Diploma to participate in the CNA Training Program.

  2. Applicants enrolled in an institution of higher education or high school are NOT eligible to participate in the CNA program because it is a community based program.

  3. Applicants must live in the Black Belt region to participate in the program held in the hosting county. Black-Belt counties include: Greene, Sumter, Marengo, Hale, Perry, Dallas, Wilcox, Autauga, Lowndes, Choctaw, Crenshaw, Pike, Bullock, Macon, Clarke, Washington and Pickens.

  4. Applicants who have completed a Nurse Aide Training Program within the last 24 months in the state of Alabama are NOT eligible.

  5. Applicant must demonstrate a need. (Unemployed, underemployed, economically or socially disadvantaged)

  6. Between the ages of 16-21 (Career Pathways for Youth: CNA Program Only)

Are you Available?

The CNA class schedules will vary. For additional information on upcoming classes, please contact program coordinator. 

Are you Ready?

The following supporting documentation is required to complete the application process:

  1. Completed Reference List (On Application)

  2. Copy of Driver’s License or State ID

  3. Proof of Income (if applicable)

  4. Verification of Public Assistance

Are you finished?

Completed applications can either be mailed or hand delivered to Outreach Services. Applications that are faxed will not be accepted under any conditions.

Mail to:

     Division of Outreach Services 
     ATTN: Andrea White
     UWA Station #35
     Livingston, AL 35470

Hand Deliver to:

     The Division of Outreach Services
     The University of West Alabama
     Guy Hunt Hall - Suite 122
     Livingston, AL 35470

For Additional Information

Please call Andrea White, Program Coordinator at 205.652.3557 or by email:
To sign up for email notifications, email with the subject line “CNA Interest.”