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Student in labMinority Fellowship

The University of West Alabama is committed to diversity in its faculty and is particularly interested in employing well-qualified African-American faculty members. To help reach that aim, the University has instituted a Minority Fellowship Program. This program provides financial assistance to students who are working toward graduate degrees in exchange for the candidate's agreeing to teach at the University of West Alabama for at least the number of years he/she received the fellowship.

A brief overview of the program follows. Students who are interested should discuss their career goals and possible eligibility with the Chair of the academic department in which they plan to pursue graduate study. 

Who May Apply

African American students who wish to pursue a career in college or university teaching and whose interest coincides with the University's needs.

Amount and Term of the Award

As long as a student is making satisfactory progress in an approved graduate program at an accredited institution, the University will provide up to $4,000 per year for up to three years to support the student's doctoral studies (a fourth year is possible for those students making satisfactory progress and who are within a year of completing a doctorate). 

Student’s Responsibilities

If granted a fellowship, a student must enroll in and make satisfactory progress in a graduate curriculum approved by the University of West Alabama. Upon receiving the degree, the student must accept a faculty position at the University of West Alabama, if a position is offered, and serve in that position for at least the number of years he/she received the fellowship. If a student is unable to fulfill his/her obligation, he/she must repay the University a pro-rated amount of the award. If a student is already employed as an instructor at UWA, he/she must continue in that capacity throughout the term of the contract, unless the university determines otherwise. If he/she voluntarily leaves the University’s employ, he/she must repay fellowship monies. 

The University’s Responsibilities

When the student receives the degree, the University will offer him/her a faculty position for which the student is qualified provided that at the time the student completes the degree a faculty vacancy in the student's area exists. 

How to Apply

An interested student should first discuss the program with his/her Department Chair, and if it is determined that he/she is qualified, the student should then complete the application form located here.