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Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) – Established through the CARES Act of 2020

HEERF Awarding Report – December 2020


The U.S. Dept. of Ed. awarded UWA $1,192,293 in funding to be given directly to students.  For the Spring Semester, 2020 we had 1349 registered on-campus students and issued federal aid to 967.  Out of our registered students for the spring, 440 had zero EFC, 262 were also Pell eligible based on EFC higher than zero, and 265 other federal aid recipients.  Later, during a period where funds were available to all students, we issued funds to 278 more students who did not have federal aid, but would have been eligible upon filing a FASFA.  This represents the tiers of categorized need used for distributing the HEERF monies.

Example:                                                Per Student                           Per Tier
(440) Zero EFC                                  $1250 Each                          $550,000
(262) Pell Eligibility                         $1000 Each                         $262,000
(265) All Others w/FA                   $750 Each                            $198,750
(278) Non-Fed Aid Students     $500 Each                            $139,000

This left $42,543 of aid that could be used for students who may have experienced a greater impact due to the changes, or who were later found to be eligible.  Students were able to apply for additional funding to help with expenses incurred as a result of course changes from campus to online this spring.  The application was open until June 12th.

(70) Other for Summer        $500 Each    $35,000

The additional funding was distributed on a case-by-case basis upon review of the student narrative on their request, and/or by special consideration at the bequest of the student after the initial disbursements were made.  At $500 each, we were able to fulfill 70 additional student requests.  This left $7,543 remaining to aid students this fall.

(3) Other for Fall                $9,150

Funds were distributed to several students, three of which were first time recipients, based on case-by-case review of student requests.  The result was awarding over the total student share allowed by $1,607, which was covered with institutional share funds.

$1,193,900 (Transmitted)    $1,192,293 (Total Funding)

This is the final report on CARES Act funding disbursements as all funds have been exhausted.


For the UWA Institutional Portion, Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting under CARES Act, please click here.