• Bachelor of Science
    Technology Program Requirements   Available Online

    The Bachelor of Science in Technology program is designed to serve students who have documented training and/or verifiable skills in an exclusive vocational/technical area, full-time military experience, or business/industrial training and who desire a bachelor’s degree. A specific program of study for each student is contracted on the basis of his/her career goals and previous training. A student who has been admitted to the program cannot change to another major at UWA, unless he/she meets all admission requirements relevant to the other program. Each student must complete the following criteria:

    1. At least 32 hours (not to exceed 42 hours) of technical credit in a singular discipline is required. Students who earn the associate degree in Industrial Maintenance at UWA may use this program to meet the technical portion of the Bachelor of Science in Technology program.
    2. A minimum of 30 semester hours of upper-division courses (300-400) must be completed at UWA.
    3. Basic Curriculum is the general education requirement for all bachelor’s degrees and includes no less than 50 hours.
    4. Approved Electives are required to complete the total hours required for the degree. Electives will be selected to strengthen the program.
    5. Students who enter this program will be required to complete an internship. Three to Six (3-6) hours credit for work experience related to the student’s career goal is required. Previous work experience may be awarded to the student who provides appropriate documentation.
    6. The Chairperson of the Computer Information Systems/Technology Department and the Dean of the College are responsible for determining when the student has met all requirements for the degree.

    The minimum number of hours required for the Bachelor of Science Degree in Technology is 120 semester hours. Inquiries should be addressed to the Chairperson, Computer Information Systems/Technology Department, Station 24, the University of West Alabama, Livingston, Alabama 35470.

     General Education Basic Curriculum  50
     Technical  32-42
     Professional  24-27
     Internship  3-6
     Electives  0-8
     TOTAL   120

    For most students, AC 300 should be one of the first upper division courses because accounting is a prerequisite to the majority of 300 level courses. Students who have successfully completed AC 211 and AC 212, should not enroll in AC 300.
    Special Admission Requirements for the Technology Degree Program Online

    To be admitted to the Technology degree program, a student must meet the following special requirements:
    1. Have at least 32 semester hours of technical credit in a single discipline (up to 42 hours may be accepted).
    2. Demonstrate through courses completed, individual testing, or other evaluation measures, a competency level in a vocational/technical area equivalent to one academic year of college work. Certificate credit may be submitted for consideration.
    3. Have an approved technical evaluation and documentation on file in the College of Business and Technology Office.
  • I. Written Composition: 6 hours
    A. Six semester hours from one of the following sequences:

    • EH 101. Written English I (3)
    • EH 102. Written English II (3)
    • EH 103. Honors English I (3)
    • EH 104. Honors English II (3)

    II. Humanities and Fine Arts: 12 hours
    A. Six semester hours from the following sequences:

    • EH 221. British Literature I (3)
    • EH 222. British Literature II (3
    • EH 231. American Literature I (3)
    • EH 232. American Literature II (3)
    • EH 213. Honors Literature I (3)
    • EH 214. Honors Literature II (3)

    B. Three semester hours from the following:

    • SH 100. Principles of Public Speaking (3)
    • SH 150. Professional Speaking (3)

    C. Three semester hours from the following:

    • AT 100. Introduction to Art (3)
    • MU 100. Introduction to Music (3)
    • TH 100. Introduction to Theatre (3)
    • HR 100. Honors Forum (1)
    • HR 200. Honors Special Topics: Interdisciplinary (2)

    III. Natural Sciences and Mathematics: 17 hours
    A. Nine semester hours from the following:

    • MH 113. Precalculus Algebra (3)
    • BQ 271. Introduction to Business Statistics (3)
    • MH 266. Business Calculus (3)
    • MH 114. Precalculus Trigonometry (3) (Technology Program majors only)

    B. Eight semester hours of approved science courses with laboratory or eight semester hours from the following:

    • BY 101. Introductory Biology I (4)
    • BY 102. Introductory Biology II (4)
    • BY 103. Honors Biology (4)
    • CH 101. Introductory General Chemistry (4)
    • EN 100. Introduction to Environmental Sciences (4)
    • ES 100. Introduction to Geology (4)
    • GE 102. Physical Geology (4)
    • PH 190. Astronomy (4)
    • PH 201. College Physics I (4)

    IV. History, Social, and Behavioral Sciences: 12 hours
    A. Three semester hours from the following:

    • HY 101. History of Western Civilization I (3)
    • HY 103. Honors Western Civilization (3)
    • HY 104. Honors Western Civilization II (3)
    • HY 211. American History I (3)
    • HY 212. American History II (3)

    B. Three semester hours from the following:

    • AN 100. Introduction to Anthropology (3)
    • PS 110. American Government (3)
    • PY 100. General Psychology (3)
    • SY 100. Principles of Sociology (3)

    C. Six semester hours from the following:

    • EC 201. Principles of Microeconomics (3)
    • EC 202. Principles of Macroeconomics (3)

    V . Computer Information Systems: 3 hours
    A. Three semester hours from the following:

    • CS 205. Microcomputer Applications (3) (required for non-CIS majors)
    • CS 210. Introduction to CIS (3) (required for CIS majors)

    VI. UWA Experience: 3 hours
    A. Three semester hours from the following:

    • UWA 101. Freshman Seminar (2)
    • Any elective (1)