• Sociology 5
  • Sociology: Criminal Justice Track

    The Criminal Justice track in Sociology involves studying the social control agencies that handle criminal offenders: the police, courts, and correctional facilities. Graduates in this area work primarily in the criminal justice system as law enforcement officers, lawyers, courtroom personnel, correctional officers and administrators, parole and probation officers, and related occupations.

    CJ 200, Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
    CJ 221, Law Enforcement 
    CJ 260, Corrections
    CJ 499, Criminal Justice Practicum
    PS 313, Introduction to Law
    SY 100, Principles of Sociology
    SY 110, Social Problems
    SY 200, Foundations of Sociological Inquiry
    SY 312, Minority Relations
    SY 381, Introduction to Criminology
    SY 382, The Criminal Justice System
    SY 450, Modern Sociological Theory

    Approved electives in Sociology (from the 300 - 400 series) (3)