• Sociology 5
  • Sociology:  Traditional Track Program Requirements

    Sociology is the systematic study of human society, social groups, and social interaction. Majors in the traditional sociology track graduate with the skills and knowledge needed for entry-level positions in a variety of fields. For example, sociologists are employed by agencies at all levels of government, have positions in the business world, and work for nonprofit organizations. In addition, undergraduate sociology training provides an excellent basis for graduate education in many specialized areas.

    SY 100, Principles of Sociology
    SY 110, Social Problems
    SY 200, Foundations of Sociological Inquiry
    SY 312, Minority Relations
    SY 370, Statistics for the Social Sciences
    SY 450, Modern Sociological Theory
    SY 460, Methods of Social Research
    Approved electives in Sociology (from the 300 - 400 series) (15)