•   Skeeter Sellers

    Skeeter Sellers

    I grew up in Enterprise, Alabama. I was not the most popular person in high school and nowhere near outgoing. When I arrived at the University of West Alabama for orientation, I made the decision to make the next four years the best years of my life. I started thirty-six games for the UWA Football Team, won two GSC Championships, finished in the top of my graduating class, and most importantly made some great memories that I will never forget. My senior year I was honored to be an Ambassador at UWA and went on to win the Ambassador of the Year Award. I am now proud to represent this great university as an Admissions Counselor. The great part is that I get to tell people a love story every time I talk to them about UWA. Because that's what I've been doing since I stepped onto campus, falling in love with something new at UWA every day. If you would have asked me five years ago where I was considering going to college, I would have given you several options that I had in mind. However, if you asked me now, I would choose UWA every single time.

    Favorite Place on Campus
    My favorite place on campus would have to be the nature trails. UWA has six different trails spanning over five miles. I can really find peace on Sunday afternoons walking the trails around Lake LU.

    Favorite UWA Tradition
    The Tiger Walk before football games is a chance for the fans to see the athletes and show their support. Being an athlete, I really enjoyed all of the support from the community and fans.

    What do you love most about UWA
    I love the fact that although I have been at UWA for almost five years, I feel like I never left home. The people here have made my life amazing and that's what is truly special about UWA.

    Piece of Advice for Prospective Students
    In life, you will make a lot of decisions. From what to do with the rest of your life to whether or not to eat that whole box of cookies. Whatever you decide to do… make that decision the best decision you have ever made and approach it with a tenacity that is unstoppable. With a great attitude all your dreams are possible.  

    Skeeter Sellers