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    Room Condition Report Forms

    At the beginning of every school year (and whenever you change rooms), you must complete a Room Condition Report Form (RCRF). The RCRF is to be used by you to record the condition of your room and its furnishings. You must inspect your room and provide detailed information pertaining to the condition of your room by completing the form within 48 hours of checking into your room. At the end of the school year (or whenever you move out of your room), your room will be inspected by your resident assistant. Your RA will use the Room Condition Report Form that you filled out as a guide to determine whether you have caused any damages to your room and whether you have left the room in as good of condition as it was in when you moved into the room. Your RLC/HD and the Assistant Director of Housing will determine any charges that you will incur due to any damages that occurred to the room during your occupancy.


    Complete your Room Condition Report Form by clicking on your hall below: