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Public Safety Major

The BS/BA in Public Safety is designed to be a unique blend of experience and academic work. By awarding technical credit for certification in an area within the Public Safety Professions (Law Enforcement, Fire Service, EMS), the student is able to build upon their experience to progress in their chosen career. This allows the student greater opportunity for career advancement or to meet qualification for State of Federal employment opportunities. All courses involved in this degree may be taken on campus or online to fit the busy and demanding scheduled of the Public Safety professional.


In Addition to the transfer credit awarded for the Public Safety Certificate (Post, Firefighter-1; Paramedic) the student will complete 12-hours from two the following Areas of Secondary emphasis:

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Criminal Justice

  • Political Science

  • Homeland Security

  • Management

  • Computer Science

Extra-curricular activities

  • Campus-based students can enjoy the same rich campus life activities as other UWA students, including social organization involvement

  • Online students benefit from the schedule flexibility often vital for the Public Safety professional

  • Periodic Continuing education programs can be applied toward necessary hours for license/Certificate maintenance.

Career Preparation

Many advanced careers in Public Safety require a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree for consideration. This would include any State or Federal employment opportunities. In most cases, advancement beyond an entry level position requires degree completion. The BS/BA in Public Safety from UWA will help the graduate prepare make a positive contribution to this vital combination of professions while achieving personal advancement in their career.


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