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Alabama Onsite Waste Water Training Center

The Alabama Onsite Wastewater Association Training Center (AOWATC)

Established in 1997 because of a growing need for education in the rapidly changing wastewater field, the organization is dedicated to expanding public awareness of water quality issues, with a particular emphasis on wastewater management. The center was established with funding from the United States Environmental Protection Agency through the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, and by donations from the University of West Alabama and other contributors. The center is a member in a partnership that includes many federal, state, and local agencies, including the Alabama Onsite Wastewater Association, the Tombigbee Resource Conservation and Development Council, the Alabama Department of Public Health, the Alabama Onsite Wastewater Board, , the Alabama Soil and Water Conservation Committee, and the Sumter County Soil and Water Conservation District.  The Alabama Onsite Wastewater Association (AOWA) and the University of West Alabama (UWA) joined forces in 2003 to conduct the bulk of licensee training for onsite industry professionals in the state of Alabama.  Most of the Licensing classes are taught at the AOWATC, located on the UWA Campus.  Continuing education classes are offered throughout Alabama each year.