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Campus Life

Make every moment count.

More than classroom learning, college is designed for you to learn about yourself. Every day, you'll experience growth, discovery and new connections that all takes place outside of the classroom. While you’re here, this intimate setting is your home and everything you and everyone you meet will shape the person you’ll become. That's why there's no shortage of clubs, organizations and social events to be a part of here on campus. Taking advantage of all there is to do on campus allows you to live your college life to the fullest.

Residence Life

Living away from home for the first time is a big step no matter who you are. To make the transition more comfortable, we place all freshmen in Gilbert Hall. It’s the newest residence hall on campus that has a full-time professional staff member living in the building to provide support and guidance as you adjust to college life. After freshman year, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of residence halls in which to live. Priority in assignment is based on your cumulative grade point average and credit hours earned.

You'll also find the food here is awesome. We have a variety of meal plans to choose from, and you'll find that everyone inevitably ends up in the Caf.

Get Involved 

It’s true that Livingston is a small college town. (You may find like generations before did that our small town setting is a huge advantage when it comes to your studies!) That does not mean that you’ll soon get bored. This campus is alive with opportunities for you to get involved. With everything from Greek life to  countless clubs and organizations, you'll find tons of opportunities find your place. As one alumnae put it — “every student at UWA can find a leadership opportunity. All you have to do is try!”