• Graduate Studies
  • Master of Science in Continuing Education
    College Student Development   Available Online

    Program Admission Requirements

    This degree does not qualify a student for any teaching or counseling certificate in the State of Alabama. Out-of-state students should check carefully the certification requirements for their respective state(s). For full admission to this program, the prospective student must meet all requirements for admission to the School of Graduate Studies and successfully pass a criminal background check.

    The criminal background check is required prior to enrolling in the practicum/internship courses.

    I. Conditional Admission Required Courses: 9 hours

    Professional Courses
    ED 504 . Techniques of Educational Research (3)
    ED 506 . Educational Statistics (3)

    EP 500 . Advanced Educational Psychology (3)
    SC 506 . Life-Span Development and Learning (3)
    EP 506 . Life-Span Development and Learning (3)

    II. Unconditional Admission Required Courses: 24 hours

    CSD 500 . Theory and Philosophy of College Student Development (3)
    CSD 501 . Management and Supervision for College Student Development Professionals (3)
    CSD 542 . Career Development and Counseling (3)
    CSD 547 . Counseling Multicultural Populations (3)
    CSD 581 . Ethics and Law in College Student Development (3)
    CSD 582 . Assessment and Evaluation in Student Affairs (3) 
    CSD 587 . Current Issues and Trends in College Student Development (3) 
    CSD 589 . Practicum and Internship in College Student Development (3) *

    Total Required: 33 hours


    • *Students must have successfully completed CSD 500, CSD 501, and pass the required criminal background check prior to enrolling in CSD 589.
    • This program is also offered online.

    Program Completion Requirements

    The student shall:
    1. Maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 or better in all courses in the approved program as verified on an official transcript with no grade less than "C."
    2. Make a satisfactory score on a written comprehensive examination documenting mastery of the curriculum of the program.