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  • Master of Education
    School Counseling   Available Online

    Program Admission Requirements

    To be admitted to this program, the prospective student must meet all requirements for admission to the School of Graduate Studies, including fingerprints/verification of background clearance, and hold valid baccalaureate level certification in a teaching field. Two years of satisfactory educational experience is required prior to the issuance of the Class A Certificate. Note: Educational experience is defined as: teaching experience and instructional support experience, including full-time educational work in: (1) any state or local public school, regionally accredited postsecondary school, educational agency, or educational association; (2) an accredited, state registered, state-approved, and/or church-related nonpublic school; and (3) rehabilitation facilities for P-12 students. Education experience as an intern, graduate assistant, student teacher or in positions such as substitute teacher, aide, or clerical worker, shall not be considered.

    I. Conditional Admission Required Courses: 9 hours

    Professional Courses
    ED 504 . Techniques of Educational Research (3)
    ED 506 . Educational Statistics (3)

    EP 500 . Advanced Educational Psychology (3)
    SC 506 . Life-Span Development and Learning (3)

    II. Unconditional Admission Required Courses: 27 hours

    Certification Courses
    SC 540 . Introduction to School Counseling (3)
    SC 541 . Techniques of Counseling (3)
    SC 542 . Career Development and Counseling (3)
    SC 543 . Counseling Children and Adolescents (3)
    SC 545 . Diagnostic Techniques for School Counselors (3)
    SC 546 . Group Counseling (3)
    SC 547 . Counseling Multicultural Populations (3)
    SC 559 . Internship in Counseling I (3)
    SC 569 . Internship in Counseling II (3)

    Total Required: 36 hours


    • Students who have not previously met the special education requirement must take a general survey course in special education.
    • This program is also offered online.

    Program Completion Requirements

    1. A grade-point average of not less than 3.0 on a four-point scale on all work attempted with no grade less than "C."
    2. A satisfactory score on a comprehensive examination (Praxis II) covering all the content of the program.
    3. Satisfactory performance in two full-time internships for a combined 600 clock hours supervised jointly by a specialist in school counseling employed by a school system and a specialist in the same area from UWA.
    4. Teaching experience varies with specific programs. Students should check each program for this requirement.*

    *Students should refer to the definition of teaching experience as given by the Alabama State Department of Education.


    The Teacher Education Program and the Teacher Certification Program are governed by the Alabama State Department of Education, and the College of Education reserves the right to change requirements in these programs at any time when such changes are mandated by the State Department.