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    Immunization and Medical Records Verification for New Students

    For the safety of our campus community, all students are required to have certain up-to-date immunizations before arriving on campus. As such, all new students must verify their immunization and medical histories through the Med+Pass system.


    Failure to comply with Med+Pass records verification , including verification of all required immunizations and TB screening/testing, will result in an inability to register for classes and participate in other pre-fall activities such as athletics, band, cheerleader tryouts or practice, or residence hall check-in.

    Medical history information and immunization/TB records MUST be submitted through the Med+Pass system at least one month prior to your intended enrollment date:
    • Spring Term: Due by December 1
    • Summer Term: Due by May 1
    • Fall Term: Due by August 1 (or by summer orientation date)
    We recommend having everything verified prior to your attendance at UWA Orientation, as you will not be allowed to register for classes without being cleared though Med+Pass.

    Click here to download your instructions for completing your medical history and uploading your immunization records.

    Immunization history required includes:
    • MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella): 1st dose of rubella and mumps are required on or after 1st birthday; 2MCV required on/after 1st birthday and 2nd dose after 28 days.
    • Meningitis Vaccine: Must show proof of one dose after age 16
    • Must show valid successful TB Screening/Testing
    • Recommended: Tetanus Booster (does of tetanus-diphtheria toxoid vaccine must be given 5-10 years after the preschool booster) 

    The University of West Alabama Student Health Service program is operated through an agreement with Anderson's Family Medical Center.  Dr. James Robinson's office is located adjacent to the UWA campus, on Wise Circle, and is accessible from Hwy 11 North.  Students may go to the clinic on a drop-in basis or call for an appointment at (205) 652-5778.  As the University physician, Dr. Robinson sees students regarding routine matters.

    After normal office hours, and in case of emergencies, students needing medical attention should go to Hill Hospital in York.  The University will not be able to provide transportation to the hospital, but will arrange for ambulance service, if requested.  The student will be responsible for the expense for all hospital services and ambulance transportation, if applicable.  On-campus residents should contact a resident assistant or their hall director if there is a medical emergency.  The Housing staff member will contact campus police, and the campus police office will determine whether an ambulance should be called.

    A student who has family health insurance coverage should be prepared to provide documentation of such coverage in the event he/she requires medical attention other than that provided by the University. 

    Students with musculoskeletal and orthopedic injuries may use the services provided by the UWA Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Center located in the Homer Field House. 

    Anderson's Student Health Clinic

    Hours of operation          

    Monday - Thursday  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Friday 8:00 a.m. - noon

    The Anderson's Student Health Clinic provides confidential services to any UWA student, regardless of the type of insurance he/she holds.  Health services are available to all undergraduate students enrolled for seven (7) or more hours and have paid the mandatory $55.00 student health fee.  There is also a $5.00 co-pay for each visit.  Expenses incurred for care beyond that provided by the University are the responsibility of the student. 

    Photo ID 

    To reduce the risk of identity theft and to increase our efficiency to check you in, we require that you show a photo ID when you check in for your appointment.  The preferred ID is your UWA ID Card, but a driver's license, passport or other photo ID are also acceptable.