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    The UWA Registrar, Susan Sparkman, is authorized by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to verify information about and certify documents for F-1 students.  They will help you with immigration issues, althrough you are solely responsible for complying with immigration laws.

    You will want to contact Mrs. Sparkman in the following situations:

    • Within 10 days of a name change or address change.
    • Before dropping any class that will result in less than full time enrollment.
    • Before you enroll in an online course.
    • Upon changing your major so you can be issued an updated I-20 form.
    • If you need a replacement copy of your I-20 or to extend its expiration date.
    • If you decide to transfer to another institution so you can receive information about school transfer procedures from her.
    • To pick up immigration-related forms.
    • To have your Form I-20 endorsed for travel needs and verified for accuracy before traveling outside the United States for five months or less.
    • For an on-campus work authorization letter for application for a social security card, after you have received an offer of on-campus employment.
    • For a valid certified (contains a school seal) document of verification that you are a full time student currently enrolled at UWA.
    • Your final semester before graduation for information about applying for an EAD Card for Optional Practical Training.
    • To obtain prior approval for Curricular Practical Training.



    Susan Sparkman
    Webb Hall 321
    Phone:  205.652.3587
    Email:  sgt@uwa.edu