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  • International Programs (IP)

    Providing students with a 21st century education requires they gain knowledge of people and cultures beyond their local, state, and national borders.  The University of West Alabama strives to give a global dimension to its students' education by offering a culturally and intellectually diverse campus.  The hub of this effort to internationalize the campus is International Programs.  As the center for international activities on campus, IP endeavors to increase overseas institutional linkages and the presence of international students, faculty, and scholars on campus.

    Through IP, international students receive support before and after their arrival to the University of West Alabama.  Programs and services are in place to facilitate transition to the United States, Alabama, and the UWA campus, as well as to a new educational system.

    Services and Resources

    • Orientation and referrals:  financial, personal, cultural, academic concerns
    • Assistance and advice with knowledge of federal immigration regulations and related issues
    • A variety of social, cultural and educational programs throughout the year
    • International Student Mentors
    • International House
    • Shopping and cultural trips both within and outside the state of Alabama
    • Airport pick-up service
    • Summer storage
    • And more. . .
  • International Programs
    The University of West Alabama
    International House
    Station 51
    Livingston, AL  35470

    Phone:  205.652.5523
    Fax:  205.652.5510
    Monday to Friday
    9:00 am - 4:30 pm