• Room Changes  

    During the 1st Two Weeks Each Semester

    During the first two weeks of each semester, the only room changes that will be approved will be a mutual room swap. This is where two (or more) individuals switch room assignments and each move into the other’s space (no empty spaces are required). This requires the mutual approval of all four (or more) residents involved in the swap, and must be approved prior to the move by the Assistant Director of Housing in writing.


    During the 3rd Week of Each Semester

    Open room change occurs the third week of the Fall and Spring semesters. During open room change, anyone may request a room change for any reason without having to go through mediation. These requests must be received by the Friday prior to open room change week. 

    Deadline to Request Change         Room Change May Occur (if approved)
    August 29th              September 2nd - 5th 
    January 23rd              January 26th - 30th 

    After the 3rd Week of Each Semester

    Residents seeking a room change after the third week of each semester are required to seek resolution of roommate issues through roommate mediation. Residents desiring a room change during this period should see their RA and/or RLC/HD to discuss the process. Room changes during this time period will only be approved once a month, not on an ongoing basis throughout each month. A resident should submit an “Intent to Request to Change Rooms” form to start the process. Once this form is received, the resident will go through mediation with his/her roommate. If the terms of the mediation are not met, the resident may choose to continue in the room change process by completing the room change request form. Below are the deadlines to submit the room change request form during each period and the expected dates of requested room change.

    Deadline to Request Change         Room Change May Occur (if approved)
    September 22nd         September 29th - October 3rd 
    October 27th          November 3rd - 7th 
    November 17th*         December 1st - 5th 
    February 23rd          March 2nd - 6th 
    March 30th          April 6th - 11th 

     * Requests for room changes for the Spring 2015 semester are due November 17th, with changes being approved December 1st – 5th. Please note that if your requested space is not available until January 2015, you must completely check out of your current space at the end of the Fall semester and check back into housing in January.

    Summer Semester:  Room changes during the summer semester will occur during the 2nd week of each mini-term, but must be requested by the Friday of the first week of each mini-term.

    ***To be eligible to request a room change to Patterson, a student must be a sophomore or above with a college cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above. For Hoover Apartments and Reed, and Stickney Halls, a student must be a sophomore or above, or a freshman that has lived on campus for at least two previous semesters.  For Gilbert Hall, the student must be a freshman student.