• Alabama Negro working in the fields near Eutaw, Alabama.  Dorothea Lange.  Library of Congress
  • History General Social Science Teacher Certification Program Requirements

    History majors pursuing teacher certification in General Social Science should follow the pattern below. Students should refer to the College of Education section of the Catalogue for a listing of additional requirements for teacher certification.

    One of the following sequences:

    HY 101, History of Western Civilization I
    HY 102, History of Western Civilization II
    HY 103, Honors History I
    HY 104, Honors History II
    HY 211, American History I
    HY 212, American History II
    HY 300, Historical Methodologies and Practices
    HY 400, Seminar in Historical Studies
    HY 420, History of Alabama
    HY 451, History of Japan
    HY 452, History of China
    Electives in History (300-400 level) (12 hours)

    Additional Courses in the Teaching Field
    EC 201, Principles of Microeconomics
    EC 202, Principles of Macroeconomics
    GY 100, Introduction to Geography
    PS 110, American Government
    PY 100, General Psychology
    SY 100, Principles of Sociology
    PS 310, State and Local Government
    PS 330, Comparative Government
    PS 340, International Relations