General Rules

    1. All UWA students, Faculty, staff, alumni and community members MUST present a membership card for entry to the Fitness Center. University classes who use the facility must also present ID.
    2. No food, drink, gum or tobacco products are permitted in the facility. Water in a closed plastic container is permitted.
    3. Proper athletic attire must be worn when participating in the facility. Athletic shoes and apparel are to be worn while using any strength and conditioning machines. Shirts must be worn at all times. NO jeans, boots, sandals, or crocs are allowed.
    4. Children under the age of 15 are NOT allowed in strength and conditioning area. Children under the age of 8 are NOT allowed in the gaming area.
    5. NO alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs can be consumed either during or before use of the facility.
    6. Bicycles, roller-skates, roller-blades or skate boards are prohibited in the facility.
    7. Pets, other than guide animals are not prohibited.
    8. Headphones are required for listening music other than the music over the facility sound system.
    9. Facilities may be closed and/or reservations canceled when warranted special event, maintenance projects or inclement weather arise.
    10. Use of the Fitness Center Facility is a privilege, and participants are expected to exhibit proper conduct and respect the rights of others. Individuals who engage in unacceptable, unsafe or irresponsible behavior may have their access to facilities revoked, modified, suspended and/or subject to further university disciplinary actions.
    11. The University of West Alabama is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

    Strength and Conditioning Area

    1. Participants must be at least 15 years old to use this area. No adult supervision will be allowed to by-pass our policies and procedures.
    2. Please return all weights/dumbbells to the racks where there are to be stored.
    3. Do not slam or drop weights forcefully on the floor.
    4. Boots, flip flops, open toes shoes, dress shoes, jeans, pants with rivets/belts are prohibited.
    5. Equipment is a first-come, first-serve basis.
    6. There is a 30 minute time limit on all cardio machines.
    7. Allow others to work in when performing multiple sets.
    8. All free weight equipment is to remain in the free weight area. Please do not take them to the fitness studio.
    9. Please wipe down all equipment after usage.
    10. The use of bar collars is mandatory.
    11. The improper use of equipment is prohibited. This includes standing on equipment, weights, weight stacking and or top loading.
    12. Loud noise, disruptive behavior and patrons not abiding by rules and regulations will be asked to leave.

    Fitness Studio

    1. No food or drink in the studio. Water is permissible but it must have a lid/cap.
    2. Athletic shoes, dance or ballet shoes only.
    3. Shirts must be worn at all times.
    4. Groups who reserve the studio must provide their own sound equipment. Yoga/Pilates mats are to be brought by persons using the room.
    5. Classes offered by the Fitness Center have first priority on scheduling of the facility.

    Swimming Pool

    1. Lifeguards are responsible for the safety of all swimmers. Please follow their instructions.
    2. No swimming unless lifeguards are on duty.
    3. No running or horseplay.
    4. Children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult.
    5. No food allowed on the pool deck. Food is allowed in the designated areas.
    6. No glass bottles.
    7. Cut off jeans, shorts or frayed clothing is prohibited in the pool.
    8. Place all trash in the trash cans.
    9. Swim at your own risk.