• Experimental Psychology
  • Master of Science in
    Experimental Psychology

    MS in Experimental Psychology provides enhanced training in psychology-based statistics and research methods, which are necessary skills for Ph.D. programs and are in demand by potential employers. The program also provides the base in core fields of psychology along with the freedom of elective classes to allow students to pursue their own interests in the field. All students, whether online or on campus, will receive that specialized attention expected with an on campus program and often missing from traditional online classes.

    Why this program:
    • Training to better prepare for doctoral programs
    • Marketable statistics and research methods training in demand by employers
    • Base training in a variety of fields within psychology to allow you to explore your own interests
    • Presentation and publication opportunities
    • Teaching assistant opportunities 
    • Travel abroad opportunities
  • Curriculum and Requirements

    I. Core Curriculum: 15 hours
           A. Statistics and Research Methods Courses: 6 hours
             PY 501 . Statistics and Research Methods I (3) 
    PY 502 . Statistics and Research Methods II (3) 
       B. Theory Courses: 9 hours
        Select three of the following four courses:
        PY 510 . Advanced Developmental Psychology (3) 
    PY 530 . Advanced Social Psychology (3) 
    PY 540 . Advanced Cognitive Psychology (3) 
    PY 550 . Theories of Personality (3)
     II. Elective Courses: 15 hours
      Approved electives from the 500 series of PY (15)
     III. Thesis: Minimum of 6 hours
      PY 500 . Master's Thesis Research (3) 
    PY 590 . Master's Thesis (1-3) 
     Total Minimum Required: 36 hours


    Visit the Graduate Catalog for admission criteria and other details.

    Applications are due April 1 for fall admission, and July 15 for spring admission.

  • Testimonials

    Carolyn Mancuso The psychology professors at the University of West Alabama are incredibly knowledgeable in the field of psychology. Completing my honors thesis under Dr. Mark Davis prepared me for both the academic demands and thesis process that I would complete as I pursued my Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of South Florida. I strongly recommend the psychology program at the University of West Alabama.

    Carolyn Mancuso, M.A., BCBA
  •  Craig Walick Mark Davis, Ph.D., served as my advisor while I earned my master’s degree at the University of West Alabama; he also served as my supervisor in the Intergroup Perceptions, Emotions, Attitudes Research Lab (iPEARL). During my transition from a history and English undergraduate student to a graduate student in counseling and psychology, Dr. Davis was, and remains, incredibly gracious with his time in mentoring me through the exploration process of my new subject, my masters’ thesis, my Ph.D. applications, doctoral program admittance, and in my continuous development as a student of psychology and as a researcher. His passion and his mentorship has influenced me to continue to invest in psychological research and as a result, I have been privileged to present at the regional, national, and the international levels. I am grateful for his support and I would highly recommend Mark Davis, Ph.D., as a professor, advisor, and research supervisor for undergraduate and graduate students in psychology.
     Craig Walick
    Ph.D. Student, University of Kansas