• Medical Emergency

    Call 911 or 205-652-9525.

    If someone on campus needs emergency medical care, call 911 or 205-652-9525. Typically, a Campus police officer will be the first emergency official to arrive. In addition to the police, a local ambulance and medically trained personnel from the Sumter Co. EMA/911 will respond.

    When you call for help, remember:

    • The victim must not be moved, except to be removed from life-threatening conditions.
    • Someone must stay with the victim until help arrives.
    • Give complete directions to the victim’s location.
    • Accurately describe what happened.
    • Stay on the line until dispatch tells you to hang up.
    • Guide emergency officials to the victim.

    Stay back and keep others out of the way of emergency officials. Before you leave the scene, check with a police officer to see if further information is needed.


    Area Hospitals and Clinics


    The following hospitals and clinics are located near The University of West Alabama campus:


    Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital
    105 Highway 80 East
    Demopolis, AL 36732
    (334) 289-4000

    Rush Foundation Hospital
    1314 19th Avenue
    Meridian, MS 39301
    (601) 483-0011

    DCH Regional Medical Center
    809 University Blvd. E.
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35401-2029
    (205) 759-7111

    Hill Hospital of Sumter County
    751 Derby Dr.
    York, AL 36925
    (205) 392-5263


    Rush Medical Group
    1221 N. Washington St.
    Livingston, AL 35470
    (205) 652-9575

    William R. Simpkins, M.D., Team Physician
    Livingston Clinic
    107 Hospital Dr.
    Livingston, AL 35470
    (205) 652-2686