Inclement weather that might cause risk or danger to students, faculty, or staff may occasionally result in changes to normal University operations, including altering class schedules and even cancellation of classes or events.

    Different situations prevail for each individual in threatening weather situations; therefore, students, staff and faculty members must exercise their best judgment about whether they attend class or report to work. While the University will always take the action that is deemed to be in the best interest of the University community, in the end, the decision when the potential for inclement weather exists and about whether to travel during inclement weather has to be an individual one based on each person’s circumstances.

    The president or his designee(s) will make a decision about any change in normal University routine as inclement weather circumstances threaten or occur. Actions taken to address inclement weather will include consideration of the University’s mission and the well-being of faculty, staff, students and property. The National Weather Service and local and state law enforcement and emergency agencies will be consulted as the threat of inclement weather ensues.

    Should inclement weather result in classes being cancelled or the University being closed and/or activities being curtailed, an announcement to this effect:

    • Will be sent to all faculty, staff and students via e-mail
    • Will be posted on the University web page (www.uwa.edu)
    • Will be posted on the inclement weather policy page available on UWA Quick List drop down menu (http://news.uwa.edu/weather.htm)
    • Will be posted on the UWA Information Hotline (205-652-3888)
    • Will be posted on the electronic sign
    • Will be sent to area radio and television stations

    Students and parents should consult these outlets for announcements. If no announcement regarding cancellation of classes or curtailment of operation is made, then classes and events will be held as scheduled.