Coordinators of disabled employees shall meet with them immediately upon hiring to discuss emergency procedures. If the person requests assistance in an emergency, plans are to be made upon hiring and discussed with the individual. University Police and support staff are to be made aware of the request only upon permission of the person making the request.


    Building emergency coordinators who have mobility restricted individuals under their direction must make arrangements to notify police and fire authorities of the location of these people within the involved building. This should be done in person outside of the building. This is critical to the procedure and the safety of these individuals.


    If a person with a mobility impairment is able to exit the building without the use of the elevator, then evacuation should follow the appropriate route out of the building. If exit from the building is only possible by use of the stairwells, follow these procedures:

    1. The mobility impaired person should proceed to the nearest enclosed stairwell or “area of safe refuge” and stay there.
    2. In case of fire, enclosed building stairwells are “safe refuge areas,” and have a higher fire resistant rating. If possible a co-worker, supervisor, instructor, or building emergency coordinator should be notified. Make sure the door to the stairwell is closed. Open doors will violate the safe refuge area and will allow smoke, and possibly fire, into the stairwell.
    3. Once outside, the co-worker, supervisor, instructor, or building emergency coordinator must notify the Fire Department or the University Police Department (205-652-3602) that there is a mobility impaired person in the stairwell, which floor the person is on and the location of the stairwell or refuge area.